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Setting "Shatter" effect to come in after a few seconds rather than immediately

Discussion in 'Animation, Motion Design & Film Making' started by Rippa, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Rippa

    Rippa Junior Member

    Hello all, I'm trying to create a short title sequence in After Effects. I want the text to enter from the bottom, then stay in the middle of the screen for a couple of seconds before shattering, making way for the new piece of text to come in.

    Currently I can only apply the shatter effect to the selected layer so that it functions immediately, but my plan in this case is to wait a couple of seconds before the shatter effect kicks in. How do I achieve this? I can't find any parameters to set the time of the effect to come in...

  2. 23i

    23i New Member


    Off the top of my head -- Set the radius in force 1 (and force 2 if you're using multiple forces) to 0. Keyframe this parameter to a positive value when you want to achieve the shatter.

    More details:

    After Effects CS3


  3. Rippa

    Rippa Junior Member

    Hey, thanks for the help! You were right, I just needed to use Hold keyframes with the radius property to bring in the values when I desired.

    Much appreciated!

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