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SEO, there's no secret formula right?

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by lula, May 18, 2010.

  1. lula

    lula Senior Member

    Can you experts just confirm for me that there's no 'secret' way to get you to the top of Google? At networking groups (don't like 'em, but that's another thread) I've recently heard a couple of people smugly implying they're in on some sort of Harry Potter-style magic trick to do this, and that if you're lucky and are willing to do some reciprocal schmoozing (I'm not) they will tell you what it is.

    I'm diligently using all the recommended, (and honest) methods as suggested by Google etc. Or am I being naive?!
  2. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    There's different techniques and methods, but from my experience, the bulk of it comes from the links pointing to the site in question and their relevance, along with the age of the domain/site, and the age of the sites linking to you. Anyone promising quick fixes or guaranteed spots is IMO probably going to be using some underhand techniques that won't stand the test of time. I'd steer clear of anyone offering a guaranteed position! or a guaranteed result, there's still seems to be many cowboys in the SEO world!

    Continue to use the recommended techniques, build natural links, and have patience and I'm sure your rankings will improve.

    It's all very relative of course, if you're hoping to rank for a keyword that's ultra competitive, you'll need some amazing backlinks to prove that your site is the best resource for this keyword, and you'll also need a lot of positive trust signals.
  3. lula

    lula Senior Member

    Thanks Greg! Good advice as always. And that's a nice point about it being relative, even if us designers follow the guidelines to the letter we can't all be at the top of the list!
  4. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    No problems, just my take on it, it's really easy to get sucked into all the different products/services/tools/blogs/guides/experts on the subject, but like you say not everyone can be at the top, and nothing is guaranteed. Just follow the guidelines and best practice, and build honest links at a natural pace and all will be good.

    An even better approach is to concentrate on building a fantastic site or resource that people will want to link to, and you'll be halfway there, a fantastic design doesn't hurt that cause either! :)
  5. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Well that does depend TBH, I could throw around a load of terms/techniques that would seem like magic to those that don't know how to do them, but TBH they are all known as Black hat techniques that's cheating, and if they deem you to be they will penalize your site for trying.

    Good white hat works, basically links thats linking out as well as linking in and content, bare in mind thats still only basic, it's just time consuming but in the long run and as long as it's not a throw a way site, white hat is the one you want to aim for.

    Now that's not to say that it's easy for everyone all the stuff is out there granted but unless you keep up to date, know what you are looking for you may just waste a lot of time for nothing.

    Also regardless recips still hold weight.
  6. lula

    lula Senior Member

    Thanks chaps. I will continue to do it the PROPER way and try not to appear smug. Just call me Hermione Granger...
  7. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Good on you Lula, happy to take a look over the site inquestion if there is a specific example in this case, and give you some advice based on the little I know :) PM me if there is.
  8. berry

    berry Active Member

    i know about Black and White Hat...thats as far as my techy detail goes. Over and `out
  9. johno111

    johno111 New Member

    It is a sad fact is that "G" puts so much store in "Inbound Links" relying on the premise that if people are adding links to your site, then surely it must be good. But you've only got to go on the webmaster forums and see the number of links, blog entries and article inclusions you can buy or trade to realise how ingenuous this practice can be. I thing "G" should be less concerned about the number and indeed quality of these links and simply leave it to the web community to decide if a site warrants a mention and not the webmasters with the deepest pockets.

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