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SEO and Graphical Work Needed (Don't have to be done by same person)

Discussion in 'Tenders & Services Required Forum:' started by Seamless, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Seamless

    Seamless New Member

    Hello guys,

    I am working with a client to get a debt collection agency up off the ground. We are about 50% done designing the website but feel it needs some work.

    Current Website:
    The content and images are temporary, we just want something there so if someone stumbles across it - we have a page there that doesn't look like it is just a holding.

    So what do we need from you?

    Usually when I post here I get some good quotations arriving in my PM Box so I thought I would offer this job up. Basically I would like a quote for the following work - you do not have to do it all, you can quote for individual aspects if you would like.

    A) SEO - I want this to be number 1 in google for:
    Debt Collection Bristol
    Debt Recovery Bristol

    Debt Recovery Somerset
    Debt Collection Somerset

    Debt Collection Weston Super Mare
    Debt Recovery Weston Super Mare

    B) I would like some general design work for a logo (the current one is just a PDF edit of the template) and some graphical work done just to make the home page look a little less messy. I know you are limited by the template, but if you have some ideas I would love to hear them.

    How to get in touch
    Please just send a quote through a basic summary of what you would do to make the site better. Basically a graphic designer would have free reign, but I'd like some sort of idea. SEO guys, I just want to know how much and how long to get this page to where my client wants it to be.

    Email is:
  2. chris_17

    chris_17 Member

    First of all, there's no guarantee that you will be number one on google for what you listed, content is much more important and that's usually how you achieve a greater listing for SEO. As for a time scale are you serious? You can't put a time on something like that!

    Go to a SEO firm and waste your money or your clients money.

    Also a large percentage of SEO comes from how the site is developed, if you have developed the site then surely you should have followed some of the practices for SEO? Looking at your coding though you havent.
  3. Seamless

    Seamless New Member

    It is a wordpress template but I have installed a number of SEO plugins. I have ensured that the meta-data is relatively good, I have ensured copy writing on the main page is pretty relevant to the metatags and title.

    Of course there is no guarentee, I told you my aims and ambitions... Not sure what your problem is to be honest. If anyone wants to help me out with the SEO and Graphic Design please send me your quotes.

  4. chris_17

    chris_17 Member

    I don't have a problem I am simply advising you that you could pay a hell of a lot of money and get ripped off, by some companies claiming they can do what you asked when really they don't have a clue.
  5. james.walters

    james.walters Member

    Hi Seamless,

    Emailed you! :)
  6. av:creative

    av:creative New Member

    We will look at it for you just drop me a email, at the very least I can pass on some advice but ultimately would like to do the job for you.

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