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Selling Photos on Stock Photo Sites

Do any of you guys know of any good sites to sell stock photography? I know that DreamsTime and iStockPhoto allow it but are there any others? I have a bunch of photos I've taken over the last few years and I want to start selling them to get some extra cash...if any at all. I got one for sale on dreamstime.com but there aren't as many hits on that site as I was hoping for.
Ya Greg I have that FreelanceSwitch article bookmarked...that is how I got motivated to want to do it :)

I am going to try istock next...I did dreamstime first because it wasn't as much hassle to submit one...istock requires all kinds of stuff to go through to submit photos.

@aarlev, that's a great link...good collection...thanks
Tim, when I clicked that first Aarlev sent me I noticed it said Part 1 and I was like woah...because Part I was a great bit of information...part 2 is just as good, awesome tips in there.
I'd suggest looking elsewhere than the 'microstock' sites for selling photos folks.

Basically it devalues everyones work to one dollar - that's about 50 pence - and opens up many other problems for end-use (eg questionable licencing, competitors using the same / similar images etc)

I'd recommend Alamy http://www.alamy.com if you are serious about creating another income stream from photography.

Anyways, loads more about microstock here;

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