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Selling My Pantone Guides

Discussion in 'Printing & Print Design Forum:' started by rach27, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. rach27

    rach27 Member

    I hope it's okay if I post this here but I just wanted to let you all know that I'm selling my Pantone Swatches if anyone is looking to buy some. They are the Solid Coated, Uncoated and Matte versions.

    I'm selling them due to a career change and so I'm hoping they'll go to a good home.

    The listing is here: Pantone Formula Guide (Set of 3 Swatch Books) | eBay
  2. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator

    What year of issue are they?
  3. myphil1966

    myphil1966 New Member


    Always useful they look in good nick judging by the picture on ebay so will keep an eye on the bidding

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