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Selling Logos and Branding


Senior Member
I think the idea of creating a branding package and then looking for a buyer goes against everything most designers stand for. A brand should be created for a specific client, not the other way around. I know some people do it and have "success" with it, but design should be about communication, so how do you communicate the essence of a client if you do the work before you meet them?
I try to ensure that each piece of work I do has logic, reasoning and a purpose behind it. There should be reasons behind your work that explain why it looks like it does, what it stands for, how it communicates a specific message etc. I dont think thats possible to do if you create a brand first without a client in mind.
The Brand Crowd website looks to me like its full of designers who are desperate for cash and are hoping to make money by cashing in on clients who think they will get a quick fix for their brand at a lower cost than hiring someone to do it properly.


I'm inclined to agree with Dave. You don't build the company around an identity, you build an identity around the company based on its values and what the identity needs to communicate. Anything else is just tacky.
I appreciate that there are probably businesses out there who are a bit strapped for cash and would appreciate a service that can give them reasonable designs for a lower price than they would normally expect to pay but you ultimately get what you pay for with design.
I do suspect that you were merely referencing that website, and wanted to know about peoples previous projects, and not if they had sold anything via that or a similar type of website.