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Self Promotion...

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone actually advertises their freelance/small business services.

I'm thinking of advertising in some way locally to try and create some new business in and around the area where I live, I have no sales rep to do my calling etc.. although I have a healthy flow of work for the time being, but have noticed some clients have gone shy etc.. maybe to do with the "credit crunch"

Just wanted some opinion on approaching potential clients.



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If your doing a potential cold call then in the current situation I would 'leave them an offer they can't say no to"
got to be more than competitive - it has to be a no brainer.
Thanks for the reply Berry,

I take it you have a sales rep that does all your calling..
I don't have any sales people around me and don't feel 100% comfortable trying to to do that type of work, especially when your busy with supplying the goods.

Wondering if there's a need for a sales person to get on board on a commission bases or something similar..

Your thoughts on this would be much appreciated..
Nice site/work etc.. by the way.



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Hi Darren,

How do your current clients find you, is it purely from word of mouth/referrals? Have you previously done any local advertising to bring in new clients?



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We've never have a rep of any sort. The best person to sell your business is yourself.
You've got to start thinking of yourself as businessman first and a marketeer second.
I would suggest the first thing you do is to start networking at local business clubs in your area. It got me my current 3 biggest clients just by chatting to them. People give work to people not businesses.
I ensure that the agency now attends in some form at least 2 networking/ seminars/ events a week.
You have to allocate time to developing your business, its just if not more important than doing it!



Instead of trying to 'promote' or 'advertise' directly to potential clients as company why not look at other ways you can drive business like building up your personal profile as a designer.

Elliot Stocks wrote a really good article on Building your profile to get more freelance work and FreelanceSwitch has a ton of articles on how to get more work as a freelancer on a budget or during hard times.


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As previously mentioned, I think a lot of it has to do with getting your business noticed, and people getting to know you and wanting to come to you for work.
I think by sending out promotions, attending business events in your region, getting involved in forums, blogs, networking/social websites, having your own website, handing out business cards to everyone etc, are all good ways of keeping your business fresh in people's minds.
Also, try asking your current client's for testimonials - I'm sure they'll do wonders for the reputation of your business.