Second year design student at uni good enough for internship?

Ayeza Kalim

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Hi guys, I a currently in my second year at design university and recently got an internship. My issue is that according to my supervisor I do not have the skills as of yet to be able to work for the company since my design skills aren't strong enough and so he asks me to do my uni assignments at the office.
I am just really confused if its worth to go through the internship where essentially I am only wasting my time.

Paul Murray

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Just approach design studios and let them decide. The whole idea of an internship is to learn new skills on the job. Here in the UK, a studio generally won't expect you to be a professional if you're still in education because you're not a professional.


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Do you need to do an internship as part of your course?

My niece studied Fashion Graphic Design and ended up having to go down to London from Sheffield.
She had to do an internship to pass her course and ended up just being the PA to the boss and not doing anything design related.
The rent alone on her accommodation cost her parents £1000's. :(

At least you're doing something productive in a design environment which is something.

Internships can be hard to come across and even harder to get one where you're actually learning something and not just doing menial tasks.

When I was at college we had to do "work experience" which was a TOTAL waste of time considering it was four days a week in my final year.
I studied Graphic Design and had four placements:
A Screen Printer (printing t-shirts).
Print Finisher (operating a folding machine and laminating stuff).
Promotional Model Maker (sticking transfers on the side of model vans).
Ceramics Technician (loading and unloading the kiln and cleaning clay up).

Nothing to do with design but I had to do them to pass.

I know it's not perfect but count your blessings.