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Searching for Tenders

Hi all, quick question in regards to searching out job tenders. I’ve got a good selection of clients at the moment and do the usual trawling of freelance/ jobs sites but am looking to take on some more meaty projects going forward.

Just wondering if anyone has any tips on ways (both online and offline) to find out about job tenders? I realise that a lot of the time it comes down to hearing stuff on ‘the grapevine’ but at the moment I don’t feel like I’m in the same vineyard and rather out of the loop.

I do my fair share of on and offline networking at general business and creative events but rarely hear any news on some of the larger projects locally until they have been allocated.

I’ve looked at a few paid for tender notification sites, and things like the supply2gov website but don’t really know if these are worth the financial commitment. I totally understand that people won’t want to give away their best sources on this type of thing but any advice will be appreciated.
I thought this topic might have had a couple of discussions as we all don't live in each others pockets so we wouldn't really be stealing other people business..

Personally the best way I think to get out there is sending out a letter with leaflets to potential customers a expense I think would be well spent. Remember who you send them to and chase up with a phone call a week later and ask if you could be of any service..

I don't really know about 'supply2gov' but I can imagine it would be full of all creative people trying to get work and you could potentially waste a lot of time trawling through subjects until you find a piece you want to do (if thats how it works)...

I'm interested to know what you have done since this post Russell?
Yep this post is a bit tumbleweeds-ville. I've got a steady client base at the moment and the usual marketing/ promotional avenues covered so haven't gone all out exploring on the tendering front, for the moment. I still would be interested to hear any others experiences of tender sites or hints and tips, especially from those with there own businesses.

I've signed up for the free alerts on the supply2gov site (basically site with details of public sector tender opportunities) but you are limited as to what information you get back without paying for the full service. To be honest as a sole trader most of the contracts up for grabs are too big and out of my reach at present, but I'd like to hear others experiences. I will be likely to expand and set up my own studio in the next 12 months or so, so am exploring as many avenues as possible.


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I've been watching this thread as I would've been interested in finding more work to sink my teeth into. Unfortunately it looks like no-one wants to share. :p