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Right peeps I have pulled in some mental hours the last few days 9am to 1am kind of mental of just pure coding with 2 hours worth of breaks in between so my creative side of my brain is totally fried, I actually class being on here posting as actual breaks, o dear. :(

Anyhoo I've got round to tracking the search engines round the site job.
What I want to do is to track the search engines, know when they have visited a page log it, compare it with if the page has been updated or not, or even if the search engines haven't visited a page then display a nice coloured graph letting the admins know of problem pages or pages that haven't been indexed properly.

Now I can code it myself that's not the problem. The problem is well I'm not sure there is a problem actually I just need a fresh pair or eyes on it so can ppl just look through my list to see if I have everything I should be tracking. Any others ideas are more than welcome.

Right tracking and logging.

1. Total hits on the collective site, from Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and Google all separate.
2. If each page that needs to be indexed has been indexed by all 4 and when it was last visited.
3. If I update the page if all 4 have been back round.
4. The time before they visited this time for all 4,
5. Keywords used to find the site and which search engine that term came from,
6. Total search engine hits for each page from each search engine.
7. If pages they shouldn't be on they have visited and if so when and which engine.
8. County of origin from traffic delivered from the search engines.
9. Direct arrival versus redirects.

Right so that is all I can think of as I say my creative side of my brain is fried.

Second question.
If you could track search engines around your site what other things would you track, can be stupid as stupid ideas can tend to be good ideas or lead to good ideas with things like this.

I hate coding in depth CMS's by far the most geekest job of the lot, so I should like it then, huh weird.

Worn out Jaz who will be at it till the early hours again and then up early tomoz. :cry:

O yeah cheers for all ideas all will be appreciated.


Green ~ Levi's great idea's


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first thing that I noticed (and I'm no expert) is that you're going to be wasting code by adding in yahoo as they now use bing for their results.

Country might be a good thing to track


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Yahoo, not yet but soon, and it's currently only a 2 year deal when it gets finalized but that's a good point I did think that TBH but I wasn't sure, I will probably bow and take it out though. :clap:

O visitors country of origin from the search engines, Levi I hate you that's a bloody good idea due to international SEO but thats a huge amount of work, dam it. Good idea fella knew it would be good idea to post. :)

Hope your happy with your self that's my Friday now gone, Sat I'm out need to go out see some friends that and fresh air I forgot what that smells like TBH. :(

Any more ideas are more than welcome. :)



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Sorry fella, didn't mean to make any additional work for you but I was thinking along the idea of potential regional optimisations etc, if 90% of your hits are coming from france say and your text is english then it might be worth giving a french version. I did try to save you some with yahoo and bing though :)

Oooh - thats another, viewing language or whatever it's called.
Screen res is another idea maybe.
Mobile versus desktop viewers
Direct arrival versus redirects


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Okay, okay keep it to search engines.
Search engine and user tracking I'm keeping separate due to the fact that this is the easier I and it will allow me to go over the top on taking ppl's privacy away from them, lol only kidding, but the 2 will need to be separate as it's part of my brief.
I did try to save you some with yahoo and bing though
LOL that you did, lol.
france say and your text is english
Again thats a good idea I know roughly what I will be setting up to track on that and that wasn't on my list, now it is so cheers dude.

Can we keep it to search engines though, when I get round to user tracking you can take months off my life then, if this sounds harsh don't read it like that read it like it's the last thing at night and you wish you were going to bed, awww beeeeeeeed, O well shower and wine instead. :)

Direct arrival versus redirects
That's not bad though.
Mmm....I'll have a think on how to best achieve that, maybe .htaccess whom not too sure.


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(trying to) keep with search engines - language maybe by looking at the country tag on the web address, ie,, could be a easier option and then have this tallied into a chart or something?


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Yeah % or users from each country that is a good idea, I know they are interested in % of Punjabi users as they are the 3rd biggest language in Britain or something, they also think I can crap miracles if they think I can design something to track that effectively.

Some ideas are going to crisscross I think so I'll wack it in the user tracking one.

But yeah fella spot on buddy.