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Scrolling vs separate pages


Staff member
there's pro's and con's to both options.
SEO supposedly works better on split pages, some people like the look of one page, you could argue it's easier to code one page versus lots of pages... it really does depend on the site, some just wouldn't work as one page while others work really well as one page... in your links case I can't see the point for one page.
My new site is kind of a mix, I've got individual pages for main headings and then each page is linked to parts etc which will then scroll or slide/transition (lightbox) too
Basically my view is a website should be designed to suit it's needs
I agree on the fact that it depends on the website. If you want to make conversions, you want a multi-page website because it increases the traffic statistics and the chance to click on ads. A one-page website is a cool solution for a portfolio. That's very popular right now: single-page website with parallax effect.


Senior Member
One page sites can look pretty neat but the parallax scrolling thing has been done to death, cool at first though it was.
SEO-wise, one page will give you a 100% bounce rate which is bad for Google, which is stupid because Google's own bounce rate must be nearly 100% as how many people browse more than one page of search results?! And of course this practice of reducing bounce rates has spawned an array of infuriating blog style websites with articles and top 10 lists split across numerous pages although I'm going slightly off topic now.

Sean Lee-Amies

That's not going to bother Google though because they're primarily in competition with other search engines, so if their algorithms detect a low bounce rate (of which bing, yahoo etc are going to have very high rates) then they don't get promoted as much :p