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screen shot of my website so far


Sean Lee-Amies

Capelli Hair, The Alcove - are they client project links? Feels a little lacking in guidance in terms of what the users is expected/encouraged to do when landing here; more informative hover content over each of the project boxes would be good but personally I would want to see some additional content in this areal; blog content, small amounts of text detailing you or your services or something else of interest.


Staff member
Sean, I assumed this was the 'link' page to each 'project'. It seems to be the 'work' page (personally I'd have called it showcase or gallery) based on the highlighted link and the bits you mention I'm assuming would be on the other (about/home) pages.
They are links Sean, i had thought about putting a some text when the mouse goes over to give a short description of the project, with a more in-depth description once they have clicked the link.

Levi - I think your right about calling it showcase or gallery. Im going to have a rethink and get some more bits done over the weekend on it.
I think it lacks a clear call 2 action button: link to "contact me" or something like that.. assuming that the purpose is to get contact leads :)