Sci-Fi, Fantasy Computer Game, Animation, 'Zey The Mouse' Ep 5 'Who's Playing The Game'.


Hi, all

I would like to share my new Zey episode, a Sc-fi based theme, with spaceship, robot, alien, and time portals and computer game levels!

Zey and Dylan decide to go to 'The Gamez Shop', looking for a new game, and get a big surprise an alien wants them to save his world,
and they both get zapped into the computer screen, appearing on mars, they fight the evil robot 'Gorpbot', travel in the spaceship and
destroy asteorids, before collecting gems form the keeper of the gems clutches, before saving the life force, at a big metalic silver door
surrounded by rocks and the gems fit onto the door and it opens and the moral of the story is revealed!

This has taken 8 months to make, hope you'll enjoy it!