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School newsletter


I've poster an introduction and in which I tlak about the tendency that I have to get roped into jobs purely voluntary!

My headteacher at secondary school has asked me to redesign and reinspire their current newsletter (3 per year printed to around 2,000 copies). The nesletter is aimed as prospective parents/businesses/stakeholders in the school rather than our current students who we communicate with a simple newsletter on a weekly basis.

The newsletter is intended to be a 'show off' item that celebrates and boasts about the achievements of the school in a newspaper style format. I have a copy of something that would nice to work towards but I'd also like to push this towards a very contemporary magazine considering that it'll be printer in colour and there's the opportunity to bleed off the page too.

I'm creating it in InDesign CS4 and it'll be a 12 page A4 magazine. I'd be more than happy to mess around with the page size if you guys thought it'd be beneficial!

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in looking at what I've got and helping me push it on. I'm being asked to send something to the head tomorrow (Monday) ahead of a meeting I've got with him on Tuesday?

Thanks for your help guys!