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ScapeianGFX Hiring Graphic Designers

We are a brand new business starting from scratch and looking to employ/hire freelance Graphic Designers. If you consider yourself a "professional" and are looking for work that suits your time this should be perfect for you.

We are looking for top quality GFX Designers who can work and create Logo`s, Signatures, Channel Art and more that customers are going to want to there own customization. How it works is we get a order for a certain piece of artwork for example a customer orders a high street style Logo for their new professional business. We would then forward you every detail they expect on the piece and the rest of the information. We will then give you a certain amount of time to complete this work to a good quality and of course give you a fair payment on whatever the work may be once we have the end product.

If you are interested please email me at ScapeianGFX@gmail.com

Thank You.