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Saving for web without spacer.gif

Please let me know if there's another thread about this. I couldn't find one.

I use photoshop to design email blasts. To try and make html emails format across all email clients, all of my html contains inline css only (e.g. <span style="font-size:10pt; color:#000000">).

So I'll slice the design in photoshop into a number of tables. Each table cell is assigned by me as "Image" or "No image", but when the design is exported as html (via save for web and devices), the code is riddled with spacer.gif (where a blank cell with a bgcolor is), along with colspan values. Spacer.gif images increase the likelyhood that an email will be picked up as spam, and colspan values cause serious formatting issues in Lotus Notes.

So my question is, is there a way of setting photoshop defaults to leave table cells without spacer.gif images, and simply use the width and height variables of a table cell instead? Because at the moment, every time I code an email I have to sift through the code and remove these pesky spacer gifs one by one.

Thanks in advance for your help!



Senior Member
No, because it's not what Photoshop was designed for.

Is your email design so wildly complicated that you can't code it by hand?
Cheers for your reply.

I certainly could code it by hand. But when you have to churn out as many as I do in a day, it'd mean a serious hindrance in workrate. At the moment I use the html produced by photoshop as a decent frame work. I then go through the code and tidy it up, adding styled text etc.

Not to worry. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing anything obvious.



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I've designed and coded up quite a few emails myself, and I find that Dreamweaver helps a lot when coding them. I just use the built-in table editor instead of writing the tables out by hand. That takes care of most of the layouting, then it's just a matter of dropping in the necessary content and images and styling it appropriately.

But hey, whichever works best for you is fine by me.
As Kevin mentioned if you are exporting HTML from Photoshop it will create spacer.gif files and the only way around this is to hand code the HTML for your newsletters.

Just out of interest how many templates are you producing per day?