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Sample Portfolios


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Hi All,

I am working on a section on my web site, which allows freelancers to show their portfolios online

Some Samples:

I am looking for about 10/20 sample portfolios to demonstrate. Basically, you will send me your portfolio and I will set it up online for you. If your interested please let me know.

Once they have been set up, I can give you full access to them, to delete, change of keep them.

- The section is still being worked on, so if you have any suggestions or viewing issues please let me know.
- If anyone is interested in your portfolio, I will foward all details on

Hi Scottu,

Welcome to the forum.

I don't want to sound too negative here but I doubt that you'll get much response. Most freelancers (Web Designerrs in particular) have their own portfolio sites already. Furthermore there are already places like Behance, Deviantart etc. which are all very well established. If you want to compete with these sites you really need to offer something better/different. Your site looks very average and doesn't really entice me to have my portfolio featured on it.



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I understand that there are other sites for portfolios around, but that’s ok, it’s not my strategy to compete against them. I don’t plan on charging for this service now or later, plus I would expect anyone with a portfolio would have it listed in as many places as possible to generate as much attention as possible. (Simple SEO)

The focus is to provide a directory of skilled personal; I am already working with some recruitment agencies and design agencies already in London. So there is nothing really to lose.

Thanks for your comment, and I hope you get your web site sorted out soon. (P.S., make sure you have changed any admin passwords and deleted any admin scripts, this is probably one of the most common injection methods)
So it would be more like something ala Creative Pool or?

In that case you're right. There's nothing to lose and I think you could probably draw a lot of graduates in who's looking for work if you have recruitment agencies involved.

I thought you were only focusing on freelancers. I personally receive most of my freelance work from recommendations and referrals. Or just from picking up the phone and doing some cold calling. And I think that it's the same for the majority of freelancers here. So in that respect I don't think you'll attract many freelancers. But I could be wrong. :)

Anyways. I wish you the best of luck with the project! And thanks for the tips on the admin scripts! I should have my site up and running again soon.

Enjoy the beautiful weather! :)

renniks said:
*thread hijack*
What kind of people do you target with your cold calling aarlev?
Well thb I haven't done much cold calling but I recently called a club promoter about doing flyers for their events. Apart from that I'd call smaller companies who maybe have an existing website that I think I could do a better job on. 90% of my work comes via referrals though.


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On the cold calling note, I worked one (yes one!) day in a call centre in australia, selling some really bad internet/phone package called gotalk. The amount of ballshit I heard being told to the customers was unreal.. the most amusing part of the job was hearing some very random answerphone messages, however most people were about 80+ and didnt know what was going on... not much fun.