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Safari 5 fixes?


Senior Member
Hi everyone. I am having a bit of a problem with this website in safari:

Winning Health Solutions

The navigation bars at the top have slipped down so you've got the "Testimonials ...........Affiliate" line on the grey bar and and the "Sports Performance.........Free Workshops" below it on a black bar.

I admit im really not clued up with fixing things for different browsers, can anyone help me with how to fix this, or direct me to someplace which will tell me how to fix it, if it's a common problem?

Thanks so much everyone! and also to Greg for getting me back into DF and back able to pester people for answers :p


I've found that the new version of safari can sometimes not work with all sites.. i'm having trouble with Google Analytics personally from Safari.

As for your site Emma, it all looks fine on my version of Safari too :)


Senior Member
oh! strange. I actually didn't see this myself, my friend told me when he looked at the site -- I will ask him to send me a screenshot and add it here and then maybe the prob will become apparent if there is one :) Thanks for your feedback so far on this everyone!