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Royal Wedding Stock Imagery


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I have a few projects involving advertising for this years event.
Has anyone come across any good sites for stock imagery for this event.
Sadly 'Lizzy' won't let me near them for my own photography!

Obviously this type of event doesn't happen every day and sites such as iStock aren't helping at all.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Cheers :)


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Getty Images is the industry standard for that type of thing. Its not cheap but it is used by most of the media for news articles and publications.
Not sure how you would go about this, I don't even think getty would have images of any of the royals - I could be completely wrong the reason being they have there own photographers and normally if you purchase a image from getty you still normally have to ask the 'celebrity' if it is OK to use the image on the material you need it to be used for - this is what I was told by someone who works for getty when I needed a image of a motocross rider a while ago...

Edit: OK, they do have images of the royals - should have checked before I made this statement :-D they will still be very expensive and not sure how you would go about my last statement...


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Imagine photography would be very, very expensive as the other guys have said, what's the design work you're doing? Any way of using a stylized vector illustration or taking it in a different direction?


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craig.5br said:
normally if you purchase a image from getty you still normally have to ask the 'celebrity' if it is OK to use the image on the material
Not sure about that Craig. Ive done loads of work using Getty Images that have included various musicians, footballers, comedians etc and Ive never been told I need to ask the celeb for permission. Getty have known exactly what the usage of the image has been so I would have thought they would tell me if that was a stipulation.

if the end usage is a single product aims to make money from that persons identity that is a completely different ball game. Loads of celebs, especially footballers, own their own image rights so if you wanted to make a product that sold Steven Gerrard shirts inside you would need to come to an agreement with the individual over how much of a cut they would get for using their image and have their permission (and even their employers permission) before you produced something.

So it depends on the end game really. Either way, its gonna be expensive!
Dave - I was using it to promote a company I used to work for so we was told we would need to get permission to see if they were OK to have there face on a catalogue and other promotional material.
Yeah sure, it's a company called race-world. I used to work there, they specialise in selling all types of products for motorcross including clothing, bike parts and accessories. So at the time I was talking to the person from getty I was looking at a picture of I think it was Chad Reed or James Stewart and because we was going to be using them for a promotional product such as catalogues, website, leaflets and posters promoting the company, we was told we had to make sure they were OK with it - we never went down that route in the end anyway. I'm sure people use pictures from getty all the time and don't ask and never get any flack from it but it was just something a employee of getty told me at the time.


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The rules have been relaxed over usage and imagery. The Lord Chamberlain's Office produces definitive guidelines on the use of the Royal Arms, Royal Devices, Emblems and Titles and of photographs, portraits, engravings, effigies and busts of The Queen and Members of the Royal Family. Check out

The Prince of Wales - Home

You can contact the princeofwales.gov.uk and they will release imagery for commercial free use, providing it is 'tasteful'

The Prince of Wales - Souvenirs - The engagement and marriage of HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton


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Thank you all for your input.

The past 30 minutes has been spent putting together a very well mannered letter to Clarence House!
Fingers crossed! :)
With all photography, it is down to what licence of usage you buy / obtain - beyond 'royalty free' (ie the cheesy US stuff you buy for a couple of dollars) it is called 'rights managed' and split into two distinct groups: advertising and editorial.

Advertising, as the name suggests allows you to use the image to sell stuff commercially - ie have a picture on a leaflet, website, poster, billboard. If there are any people in the image, you must have a 'model release' signed from that person giving permission - without that, photographers / designers open themselves up to being sued by the person. As that person in such an image, legally, appears to endorse any product or service - so obviously care is required.

Editorial is an image appearing in relation to a news story, event etc and no product, merchandising or service is implied.

So yes, make double sure you get the right permission !