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Rough Design - Fly High Sports


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Been given a brief to do a website design for a shop in Belgium, in involved with the shop as they are the distributor for the kite brand i am sponsored by. I did there distribution site last year // MelloW :: Kite Distribution Company //

The shop has one problem, the area they cover speak 3/4 Languages, English, French, Flemish, Dutch

So therefore site has very little text. Quite simply more of a reference point for customers etc...

Rough Design V1

Banner at top right will link to About Us/Contact us page all as one page.

5 main buttons under main image will link to product pages for choosen sport. Listing products they stock. Maybe price, normal stuff etc....

Then banner under will link to repair/service page etc....




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Nice and simple an very direct. Excellent immediate communication values.
Well done. If i had to nit-pick ( which is my job!) the overall main branding could be more distinguished. It is mixed down with the rest of the communication entry points. The balance and importance and presence of the brand is diluted to much. It is an unknown brand so it may have to work harder on the visual page. Not all companies are Nike, O'Neill, Billabong, RipCurl etc. Shame the brand name is crap and the ID. Your only as good as your weakest link......................
That looks fantastic...very effective and gets the point across. I also love how your main focus is visuals for the different areas of the site.

My only critique is in the background watermark. I would recommend something like these: http://www.cgtextures.com/texview2.php?id=8946&PHPSESSID=d47e2b0638975dc5f88d185ccfec0e15

Reason being is that the ground texture doesn't seem fitting to the whole surf, snowboard etc etc...at least if you have some sort of water texture, you can imply the main focus is water-based stuff...and water is always relaxing to look at anyway so it would be pleasing to the eye.