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Role of a producer in Graphic Design:New Media


Junior Member
Hi all!
I am doing a project at university involving the role of a producer and inventive/creative ways to research on this role. First of all, what do you guys think the role of a producer is in terms of graphic design:New media (Website's, animations, adverts etc.).

Also, do you think technology has altered the role of the producer. e.g has the responsibilities of the producer changed.

Finally, any suggestions of creatively researching this role would be great!


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Hi Woody,
As a suggestion I would advise that you firstly introduce yourself to the forum in the introductions thread before asking people to help you out when they dont know anything about you.

This is a great forum, very active, really friendly and full of people who love helping others and sharing their experience. We all know this is the time of year when universities give design students new projects so rather than expect people to do your work for you why not get involved in the forum, strike up conversations and chat to people in the industry rather than just copy and paste your question and hope you get some answers. That is taking the easy way out!

You should get immersed in the subject, read up on it, take it seriously and devote some quality time to getting to know people here who will no doubt be a great help you to you in the future.
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I second what Dave has said.. get involved and the answers will show themselves through the community.