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Rich black problem

Hi guys!

Designer here, hope to help the community.

But first I have my own problem... :huh:

I am creating a large poster it's 90% solid black so I am using my favourete rich black 50,40,40,100. However complicating this process is a photo of a black cat in the middle of the poster that has been cut out, this has a regular photoshop type black which is around 97,60,80,96 and obviously the 2 blacks look really weird when used together.

Any ideas how to get around this? I can match the background to the black of the cat and that looks great but it's ink heavy and not rich black.

Ideally I'd like to match the cat to the rich black...


Staff member
Assuming photoshop.

Only thing I can think of is (I don't do this type of thing a lot either)... take the original cat image (likely rgb) and convert it to cmyk before importing into the final image. Once converted do a colour select on the black and adjust to a rich black....

Just had a thought... if it's in indesign there's a setting that makes black into rich black automatically.

This might also be worth a read.