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Revolutionary designs or concepts


Senior Member
How often have you thought that you came up with a revolutionary design or concept? And how often did it actually turn out to be (even slightly) revolutionary?

I've had like 3 designs in my head of which I thought they were quite revolutionary but when I had to tell Photoshop what I was seeing in my head it didn't turn out very well. As a matter of fact I came up with something like two weeks ago and I put some more thought in it yesterday, but it will take a lot of time and preparation before it will actually be decent.


Junior Member
It's a rather funny scenario indeed, I've had a few "brilliant" and "mind-boggling" ideas in my head a couple of times before only to realize that it was silly a few minutes or hours later. Sometimes later I found out that the idea isn't really revolutionary anymore as it has been used several times before.


Rather distressing.