Review on logo colour/theme

When rebranding ourselves a few months back, we decided to go with the blue version of our logo. During the design process, we came up with other colours that we could have used. Do you think that we made the right choice?

Colour triggers emotion when it comes to design.

Looking forward to see what your views are.


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I like the top one and the green one.

I am colour blind though so you can all ignore me if you like :p


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Hi Kay,

I think you made the right choice with the blue too, the green really stands out on the dark background but I could see it being hard to work with the green on other promotional items. The red is lost on the black, and I quite like the orange, but given those choices I would have gone with blue myself :)



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Yep I like the blue, and at risk of sounding like a designer, the colour evokes technology and innovation :)


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Honestly, I think it's just down to personal preference. I think any one of them would have done the job.


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I agree with NoVolume, it will be based on personal preference and personally think any one of those lovely logos would have done justice. But here is a little tip, i wouldn't just use one logo, for example if it is for your company i would kind of switch in between colour schemes to help match the mood of the page and give the user a more feel for the website for each page they are browsing. So i wouldn't chuck the other variations out just yet just because you have selected the appropiate one. I feel that the other variations may prove to come in valuable for the future.