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Review my portfolio work


Staff member
hmmm, wonder if this person will come back.....

I hate the intro animation/voice over and you got my location wrong.


Senior Member
"Order a site withing the next 10 minutes and get the exfoliating sponge for FREE! Call the number on your screen now!"

This isn't 2001, you know? Right-clicking is okay now, but table-based designs aren't. Your stylesheet should be external, and so should your javascript.

</span> <!-- end mainbody div -->
What div? That's a span!

<li class="bli">Printing</li> <li class="bli">Web Design</li> <li class="bli">Multimedia</li> <li class="bli">Photography</li> <li class="bli">Set Designing</li>
How about wrapping this in <ul> tags?

<table style="padding:0px;margin:0px;height:21px;"
Inline styling? Very fashionable.

That tag is deprecated.

You're using the XHTML 1.0 Strict doctype. But obviously you have no idea what you're doing, I'm surprised you managed to get it validated. Also, I hope you're thinking 'omg how the hell did he find our source code" because I bet you added the no-right-click script to hide your miserable coding.

You've got some decent design work, I'll give you that, but this site is laughable!
Ahhh must kill voice over.....

For me the flash screen should be a welcome screen intro with the option to skip. As it is at the moment you want to just go on and click to see the portfolio, the flash screen to me seems like an annoying distraction. If it was a welcome screen, the only thing people see when entering the site, I think it may make the site flow better.
Don't much like the voice speaking soon as you get to the site. While with some testing it might prove to be a good way to get people to stay a little longer the first time they come to the site, they are not going to want to here that every time they go; in fact it might stop them going!