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Review my design mock up please


Senior Member
I agree with Levi, however, that's not necessarily a bad thing, while it may look like most templates, there are reasons they look like they do. It is clean and functional

I think it needs looking at to give it more personality and would love to see it with real content in but I'm sorry, can't give much more opinion than that due to the arguable blandness


New Member
Thanks for your responses. now that I have looked closely at the design, I tend to agree with both of you. I was designing with coding in mind, last time I did a complicated design mock up, I had trouble converting it to HTML but anyway your comments are greatly appreciated : )

I am going to make some changes to it.


Staff member
You don't have to do complicated designs to make it unique. Little touches here and there can make a huge difference, look at this forum for example, it's basically the same as any other vbulletin board but Greg altered things like colour, logo, reply button that sort of thing to make it unique.

The design itself is rather beautiful, things are easy to find and the functionality of most of the site is clear.
As long as the site is not too long then the navigational system looks to be suitable. If you are having porblems converting this type of site design to HTML then I suggest you take a look at the 960 grid system which can be found at []960 Grid System.
listen to these guys mac, they know what they're talking about, I've learned a fair bit from these guys. I know from the responses I got on my own site, and now I don't know whether to laugh or cry at it :( but always helpful none the less.


New Member
thanks guys for your responses really appreciate them.

@ rullingen I used the 960 in the psd design and I really have to go over how to use it to use it to convert to CSS, HTML

Definitely getting there mate, I'd say the footer link's need changing to a different colour and also it looks like you have more blank space to the right of the pace than you do to the left?