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Responsive Web Design


Tony Hardy

So, these are the buzz words we'll be hearing from our clients for the next few years.

For anyone that isn't exactly sure what RWD is can find more information here;

Basically, making websites look the "same" (not entirely, useable and functional) no matter what device you're looking at them on. From an iPhone through to a cinema screen. The website changes and adapts to fit.

Who has started implementing RWD in their website designs? Anybody got any examples to share?
im working on restructuring my company and looking at RWD, but im worried about how its going to function properly. Especially on my new photography one where im struggeling now lol! they can be nice but RWD can make them so long to scroll through because it crushes it down, thats why I'm using anchor links for a menu and not seperate pages. I'll put it up in a second in my test directory.


Staff member
would that backfire be the 'menu' covering the text when viewed on a nexus 7 (or similar res device).... :p


New Member
Hi everyone, here at EdgeThreeSixty we have been implementing responsive design in to our new clients websites with great success, it gives us a big advantage over other companies and another great selling point to put across for the pitch. It's definitely time to start introducing it if you haven't! We have done some research on our client websites and a large proportion (up to 30%) of the visitors are coming from mobile and tablet devices so we see it as a must to introduce a nice well structured layout for various devices. Have a look at our new website which uses the drupal CMS and an omega framework for front end responsive layout. - http://edgethreesixty.com/
I mostly only do responsive design now. I started that over a year ago and it's so much better in my opinion. User agent strings for mobile are obtrusive and inconsistent. Media queries are also not my favorite.
Making a native app is above what most people need and I just love response design :wub: