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Resource Software


Junior Member
Hey guys'n'gals!

Never really used design forums before, I've just stuck to asking around in my circle of (ever critical) friends. But now I'm doing some research for software I'm building and I could do with the help of a wider audience! So who better to ask than designers themselves?

I'm helping build a piece of software for Win/Mac that's basically a design-resource hub. Sell your resources, buy new resources. Or give them away and hunt for free stuff! It's all about putting the quality resources from every corner of the internet into the same place - to make it easy to find. We'll also have a download manager allowing you to quickly load in/out the resources you download, so you don't have to keep cleaning up your system. The resources you download on one computer will be available on any you log in on.

So far we're thinking of including:

  • Plugins
  • Stock Photos
  • Brushes
  • Textures
  • Palettes
  • Templates
  • Fonts

We're hoping to get at least 3 of these working in the initial release.

So, questions for you:

Would you use this?
What do you value most when you buy resources? Where do you buy your resources?
What else would you add?



It seems everyone is focusing on the paid stuff. The majority of the content will be free, but the option will be there to purchase and sell content if you want.


Senior Member
The only resources I buy are books
I dont buy other resources
That there are plenty of free resources out there to have a hub to buy them seems a bit much


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  • Plugins - I never use (design) plugins
  • Stock Photos - As if there aren't enough stock sites yet (both free and paid)
  • Brushes - Free
  • Textures - Free
  • Palettes - Free
  • Templates - Templates for what?
  • Fonts - Unless you sell them cheaper — which you probably won't — it's not gonna happen. And there are a lot of free alternatives.

Seems to me you haven't really thought this through very well :rolleyes:


Junior Member
It's not necessarily about buying/selling - there will be free items. It's all about putting the best stuff in the same place, instead of having to hunt around the internet for what you're looking for.


Staff member
I can see the logic of a central hub for all the things but wouldn't it be easier to just create a custom web search engine (or adapt google's results) that looks specifically for them and the puts them all in one location.

If you build software you have the issue of where is all the 'found items' going to be stored. If it's online you need to cover costs of hosting and bandwidth overheads.

Personally I've just got a bookmark folder with my main sites in there, categorised by images, fonts etc. Anything I've used in the past is stored on my file server for later reference anyways.

Would I use it, not likely unless it offers more than my bookmarks can and I doubt it would.


Senior Member
I feel it might be useful for new people to the industry, but is that a big enough proportion for people to submit to it?