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Research Phase for Identity Designs

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum:' started by tr2005, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. tr2005

    tr2005 New Member

    I've recently taken on a few identity design briefs... pretty much what I've always wanted really. I used to work primarily in web design but it's so much more interesting to branch out and cover a wider array of design projects.

    Whilst the research phase is pretty much second nature to me for smaller projects (e.g. a logo or website) I'm a little puzzled on what to research first when taking on a full identity / branding project.

    So here's what I'm working on (probably in this order):
    1. Logo
    2. Magazine advert
    3. Banners for social media
    4. Flyer (double sided)
    5. Responsive website

    Would it be best that I looked at full identity designs for inspiration first? Or should I start off putting together moodboards *only* for the logo, then once the logo is approved I start looking at flyers / posters?

    And then finally look at websites for inspiration right towards the end?

    Or do people think it would be a better approach to look at various styles that may be suitable (e.g. illustrative, or geometric just for example) and making a moodboard for each style, regardless of what medium they were designed for (e.g. logos / posters)

    I'd be interested to hear peoples' thoughts... hopefully that all makes sense anyway!
  2. hankscorpio

    hankscorpio Moderator Staff Member

    I'd usually look at the company I'm designing for as a whole.

    A logo isn't a brand - therefore it shouldn't be a driving force behind the brand.

    Questions your really need to ask your client

    Who they are and what they do?
    Why was the company started?
    Why and who are the people who visit the website?
    Who are their target customers?
    What/who are the competitors - what don't they like and what do they like about their brand?
    Why is your company chosen over a competitors?
    Describe your company in 5 words or less?
    What feelings are associated with the company/product etc.?
    If your brand was alive, how would you describe your brand as a person?
    What do you love about your job?
    What are the benefits of the company/product that the customer is rewarded with?
    Are there emotional benefits for the customer?
    Does the brand need personality?

    Brand needs to be:

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  3. tr2005

    tr2005 New Member

    Thanks, the kind of questions in your post are already part of my research process however.

    What I'm mainly referring to in my original post is the 'gathering inspiration' part. I'm just a little unsure about how to split it up exactly, or if it even needs to be split up at all
  4. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

    You're on the right lines with moodboards. In my blog I wrote a little about my general design process. Ultimately, you have got to find out what works best for you. Have a read of my blog if you'd like to get an idea of the way I generally go about preparing for a design so to speak.
  5. tr2005

    tr2005 New Member

    Thanks, your process looks quite similar to mine. Just seems a little tricky with the larger identity projects, as I find it hard to know where to start exactly in terms of looking for inspiration

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