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Hey guys,

has anybody got the following already developed, or developed not used, to give away free?

Mr.Themer - Affordable expert web services including PSD to XHTML & CMS/Blog Theming for Wordpress, Drupal and others...

I'm looking for 2 illustrated characters similar in both look,style and dimensions to the characters found in the above example home page.

ideally i would need 2 sets at both sizes shown in the header section of the above page.

to define the style - Business, Boss / Geek, Freelancer

Can anyone help me out?


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Cheers Dave,

This is a non-profit project unfortunately and I'm only a small cog in the machine, ill see if the group has any funds available.


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Non-profit doesn't mean 'makes no money' though. A non-profit still cover costs and break even. They just don't make profit.


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Ok ill rephrase, there will be no money involved, taken, wages, there is no costs, as we have no overheads so... completely free ... free as in the air which you breath naddda zilch :)


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thats fair enough geoff, ive done quite abit of work for registered charities in the past and i know money can be tight, as i say,give me a shout if u think i can be of assistance if there are some funds available. harry makes a great point tho also!
Toys Webcam


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I could maybe help you, do you want them exactly like that dude or just similar? And is it one character or two, and if two - what is the other one like. Do you want a full body or just top bit like that one. When do you need them by?


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Hey Ally,

Many thanks for the offer, to answer your questions...

I need two characters in similar style to those on that web page, the first character needs to look like an office / business boss the second character needs to look like a "Geek" / Computer wizz but not scientist :)
they can both just be the top bit, although if you can simplify waist and legs that would be great.

Timeframe, within the next 4-6 weeks


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Cheers Glen, yes I have heard of her, but not approached. Was hoping that more active members on this forum would rise to the challenge / benefit from the request first.