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relatively urgent feedback needed please

Tom Sound

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Hi Matt, this is going to sound odd I think but as it is with no sound I don't think it's long enough to read some of the captions, but when you add sound (depending on the sound) it will effect how long you need to take in as much information necessary. I think with added sound your brain runs at the speed the audio makes it. If you have a hi tempo soundtrack you will read and absorb the info quicker. I think.

Like a shouty fight scene in a kung foo film :D

Really like it though, some really cool artwork and love the speed all the visual elements are displayed.
Thanks Tom. I think I know what you mean. I'll make the text bits a tiny bit longer, just to be safe. I'm hoping to get the sound design done over the weekend, and obviously I need the picture locked down before the sound guy does his work.


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Hi Matt,

Looks good, and yes I agree there needs to be a fraction more delay for the reading, perhaps only half a second - a second on each one? It took a while to buffer for me, but guess that could be down to either my connection, or, it not being completed and rendered for web yet?

Look forward to seeing the completed video.
Id say, just don't put the text in the movie. Just show your work, with a bit music in the background, a litte special effects and done. Someone who wants to be your customer doesn't give a *** about the text etc. He just want's to see what you can do, what your skills are. :)

I like it tough. :)
Yeah, maybe. It's not actually for the public as such, it's part of my application portfolio for an MA, hence the dates and the disclaimer at the front.

I was hoping to maybe put it up on the site in place of the old version at a later date though. I think it might be nice to leave some of the type on there, especially some of the explanatory stuff. Could probably do without the really obvious ones though.
Added about 15 to 20 frames to each bit of text (not the really short one-liners). It's the same link as before.

I have to run with this as it's gone to my sound genius in the hope he can pull something out of the bag over the weekend.