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Refillable Premium Skincare Packaging Design Research

Hi all,

My first post.

I am a final year Industrial Design student and my final major project is on a refillable skincare packaging design. However the next stage of the project is to decide what refilling route to go down, to validate my decision I have come up with 3 different methods and put these in a survey and would appreciate any assistance. The survey is here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9N79S9W

Thank you for any help. The refilling solution was inspired by this interesting product http://www.younaturallypowerful.co.uk/m-range/kitchen-cleaner/. Do you guys feel refillable packaging solutions are the future of FMCGs? (fast moving consumer goods). And have you found any interesting refillable packaging solutions?

Ainsley Cox


Staff member
Welcome to the forum.

I'm going to be perfectly honest here and say I wouldn't have gone down this route for a major project (I'm assuming) at University as it's rather lacing in developmental options, I'm surprised the tutors are allowing this type of project, mine wouldn't have when I was at uni.

I'm not doing the survey either, I don't think you need some of the questions, you will find a discussion on the issues will be more fruitful than a survey.

If you subjectively look at your designs what are you actually improving by doing the refillable packaging, in A and B it isn't reducing waste because you've got 2 extra parts to it, not to mention manufacturing costs, other environmental impact etc. Yeah you could recycle/send back to manufacturer (glass bottle makers still do this in some places) for reuse but you could do that with current ones too.

C is just a sachet.... is that really a final project for industrial design.

Looking at your ideas you're going down a roll on deodorant which pretty much limits any product development, it's literally going to end up a screw on top section (ie the ball) with a bottle underneath it, again is it a final project worthy project... not in my opinion.
Considering you do not understand the context, themes and underlying nature of the project I really do not feel you have the grounds to say it lacks development and really feel that was unnecessary. I have gained a lot of positive feedback regarding this project from my tutors as well as industry professionals from P&G just to name drop.

Yes there are some unnecessary questions in the questionnaire, this is to separate certain questions that could be seen as bias and relating to other questions so not to effect the results, thank you.

You also seem to have a lack imagination and open-mindedness when it comes to the scope of packaging design. I didn't ask for your personal feedback on my project, simply for people to do a survey. I also did not want people to know the full details of the project.

The "sachet" would be a small part of a much larger project involving packaging design, prototyping, branding, logistical consideratoins and manufacturing, as product design projects usually do.

You are a moderator but have in-fact discouraged me from posting on this forum because of the lack of validity and relevance in your response. "I wouldn't have gone down this route for a major project", I wasn't asking whether you would.


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ainsleycox said:
Considering you do not understand the context, themes and underlying nature of the project I really do not feel you have the grounds to say it lacks development and really feel that was unnecessary.
then how are we supposed to give you an accurate answer on your survey.... or are you trying to twist the results to an already resolved idea. Oh and you might want to read my post a bit more closely, I said limited development OPTIONS, not lacking development (you only showed three pictures so no idea what you've done elsewhere....), there's a difference.

I stand by my comments, and you still haven't said how making said product reusable would actually make it better, but at the end of the day it's your project, if you and your tutors feel it's good enough for your final project carry on, I'm just saying at my uni it wouldn't have been. PS there are already reusable roll on deodorants, one of many from quick google, as you can see it's a bottle with a screw on top (funny that...) ....it's the cheapest and easiest option to produce.

As to you not wanting feedback on your design... why post it on a forum, a place where discussions are going to take place. Just going by the definition of forum, there is going to be discussions.

You might also want to read my sig, yes I may be a moderator but I'm a member of the forum first, all the mods really needs to do on this forum is get rid of occasional spam post, most of us are professionals so apart from differences of opinions on designs posts are usually polite.

Oh and hands up for the qualified product designer working in said field ..... me me me....


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I like the idea of reducing packaging wherever possible as I was the one that had to do "the wheelie bin dance" this Christmas.

On my kids 5th birthday I was carted off to hospital with a displaced fracture to the wrist, three broken ribs and a concussion after falling off the bin whilst doing the dance.

Reduced packaging now has a place in my heart. ;)