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Ref: Designs you are not using

Hi there all,

Hope everyone is keeping well!

Been away for a little while as we have been and are very busy setting up/running our business.

I got a question for all designers whom may have designs sitting in folders which have not been used.

We currently run a personalised gifts website and looking for images to grow our gift selection, so maybe images, cartoons, characters which could be used along with our personalised products.

For example:

You may have some flower designs which could be used on a personalised mug to say thank you or get well soon


Some wedding characters to be used on a personalised mug for a gift to the wedding party. Personalised Bride Mug, Personalised Best Man Mug etc..


Some characters you have designed and no longer use (football characters, christmas characters, hobby characters etc...

I am looking to buy the copyright of these designs so if you have any sitting there and would like to earn some money on them drop me a PM or email