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Redirect Google to new web store - htaccess and SEO


let me explain my situation. Outdated web store is located in public_html/shop.php , while new Opencart store resides in public_html/shop/.

Links look like this for old store: http://www.old-domain.com/shop.php?cat1=first_category&kat=chocolate
And for new Opencart store: http://www.new-domain.com/index.php?route=common/home
New Opencart store can also be accessed by http://www.old-domain.com/shop/, but only index page, because all links are pointed to http://www.new-domain.com

As you may see, domain name for new web store is different, which is why I'm afraid that Google will treat it like a completely new web store and thus that my ranking in search results will drastically degrade.

I was wondering how to make complete redirect from old to new store and tell Google to retain current website ranking? Do you perhaps have any other suggestions? Thanks!