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Redirect anyone from AUS to different page


Senior Member
Hi guys,

I've been asked to set up a redirect on a website so that anyone visiting domain.com from Australia will be redirected to domain.com/aus

Anyone know if/how it can be done? Had a quick google - looks quite in depth!


Senior Member
We do this on our website

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1)need to find IP range. Way we do this is we have a database storing this info with a country code assigned.

2) When user access's site it looks up there IP in table and gives a country code and stores in cookie for 20 mins to reduce server load. If for example it was "AUS" it would redirect to new address.

We had to buy the IP range table for around 99usd.

In coldfusion a Application file is looked at by every page so easy for each page to do check. Not sure if anything in PHP exists like that.