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Redesigning Ad for magazine publication

Hey Everyone, so my company has come to me to create a completely new ad for this cruise itinerary.
Before I start to brainstorm and redesign it, I would love some feedback as to what others would do differently from a design perspective ... what would it look like and why? What types of visuals and design elements would this new ad include? Keep in mind this is a higher-end cruise line for the "Mississippi Cruise Lines" so it's not like a Carnival or Norwegian cruise line. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!


Paul Murray

Staff member
First impression is that it doesn't give any real indication that it's for a cruise. It feels more like an ad for political candidate or something, and I don't get 'high-end' from it at all. I'd swap out that house picture and put a lot more focus on the cruise liner itself and how damn luxurious it is, as well as the experience of taking the cruise.