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Red bands on canvas prints?

Hey all, hopefully somebody can help me here.

We have a HP Designjet 500 Plus 42" printer that we use to print personalised canvases for people from home, now we bought this refurbishes around two years ago and its always worked fine. Recently though its started playing up and we are really stuck as what to do to fix it. :(

I have the latest drivers and firmware installed, both the print heads and ink are official HP products and we are using Photoshop CS6 on Windows 10 Pro x64. We have tried both calibrating colour's and realigning the print heads, manually cleaning the print heads as well as running the diagnostic Test built into the printer.

From what we can tell the diagnostic test shows/tells us all colours are fine. However when we print we keep getting random red bands through the image regardless if its a black and white or colour print, does anybody have any idea as to what could be causing this?

Thank you.



Staff member
I'm not a printer but when I've had 'similar' issues with my home printers it's usually due to a particular colour not being put onto the paper so something like a blocked print head or empty ink cartridge is the main cause. I'd edge towards a print head being partially or intermittently blocked (think of it like a thick piece of ink floating to the bottom and blocking the hole) because of it being a bands.

I'm sure some of our commercial printers might have a better idea mind.
Most big CMYK units have a self cleaning function built in. It's usually pretty ink intensive and will cost a fair but in and of itself - but they usually clear head blemishing and depending on the type of inks, prevent them from settling in and natural U-bends in the ink vessels inside.