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Recommended Design Hardware


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Please post your recommended hardware with a link and short description, if possible include the price information.

This thread will be a sticky and this opening post will be updated with the recommendations!



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I am going to recommend the 3d Connexion space navigator, it retails between £40 and £100 depending on where you buy it from and which version -PE (personal) and SE (work) but there is no difference in the hardware/software, its just the eula which is different.

Now before you say its for CAD only, the drivers work in photoshop (and others) allowing you to zoom, scoll vertically and horizontally and adjust the brush size. For me personally this works brilliantly when I'm using my intuos 3 graphics tablet as it means I can do 90% of the things I would normally do without moving to the keyboard etc :)


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some kickass speakers (about £150 worth) so you can really get into your design work.

i like a second monitor too :)

I have the Creature 2 speakers (in silver) amazing sound.
I bought 'em of ebay for 30 quid...retail about £70.
Before that I had a set of Harman Kardon Sound stick 2s....Brilliant and look cool.


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I don't think you lot are quite getting the idea for this - how about recommending a particular product rather than speakers, monitors etc.


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i cant recommend anyone a particular model of speakers because i have a different choice of music to most of you lot.

and i cant recommend anyone a particular model of monitor because i have a different screen resolution and different standards to you lot.

i posted something relevant, therefore i quite obviously did get the idea.


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lol at the above... a pair of bang & olufsen phones either a8's of form 1/2 are completely necessary for every designer! and bose suck ass before anyone praises em :)
Timmo said:
I'm going to recommend ANY Wacom tablet you can get. :D
I feel this needs seconding.. well I guess it doesn't when you're on this forum
Wacom tablets are fab. My ancient A4 Wacom Digitizer II still works perfectly :)


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they do.

there's a technical term (which i never remember) which means that there's a constanting high pitched hiss/buzz that comes that only certain ears can hear... Bose has that. but it's not just a small minority, it's a LOT of people. i've had many a complaint about it...

they also just got a 14 year old junkie to come add a looaoaddd of bass to it, there's no massive engineering behind it, it's just bass bass bass.

the only thing you're paying for with bose headphones is the advertising. they pay apple, for example, millions and millions LITERALLY just to put their headphones on the shelves, and out for people to listen to them.

it's kind of subliminal, because about 70% of the people that praise them have never heard the sound quality before, they just see the name a billion times and think they must be good.