Recent illustration work


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Hey everyone. Im Joe And I’m new to the site. I just wanted to share some illustrations I’ve worked on to possibly get some feedback and/or some yays and nays. Thank you

The last one, with the cocktail glasses, I’m planning to turn into a pattern design. F1206038-91C9-4CC9-B8E6-5DE64F652EC9.jpeg6D8F0EAE-6D75-414E-8529-051E8BE5CABE.jpeg32FBB2F7-CAED-4BF9-BECE-244D3E09E557.jpeg6C333451-988F-4A0E-8045-BC994D6CBFAE.jpeg757D4C19-92B4-4536-B4EA-348BBD23AEB8.jpeg