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Recent Fight Team T-Shirt


Staff member
Couldn't find a recent work thread in general graphic design so...

I recently did some t-shirts or my Muay Thai camp in Sheffield (Wicker Camp) and sponsored their fight team.
Not going to win any design prizes as it was only something simple but I saw some pic's of one of the fights taken by a really good photographer called Tesni Ward and there were a couple of my shirts that I was quite chuffed with as I kind of find it a bit of an honour as Wicker Camp are pretty legendary in the Muay Thai world and I'd not seen them until now.
Also posted a little documentary at the bottom about Wicker Camp by a talented guy called Si Gamble which is worth a watch if you're into that kind of thing.



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Nothing constructive to say here....Great job as always :cool: for sure you feel strong with this kind of shirt "on your back".:p Need one!