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Five post limit screwed up, I know, but I have a genuine query, not just a muck-about post.

I have been thinking of renaming for a potential move to becoming part of a tiny business. I came up with a few names:

  • Curveball Creatives - idea of throwing in a curveball into a design, completely changing the natural appearance of designs, I have a tendancy to mix trends.
  • cBox - I dunno what my attractive to "c" is, but there we go. Dunno why I came up with this, and dunno whether it could be a legit idea, as I realised I used to watch "on the sofa" or whatever, by two men from "obox designs/creatives" or summit.
  • Technicolor Design/Creatives: Like this idea, it shouts colour and hi-tech/modern, but with Technicolor CD/DVDs, or whatever, chances of getting noticed as a unique search on google is next to none.
  • Autobots: Kidding, but I just wanted to mention how brilliant Transformers is.
I know they're a bit random, all different, blah, and they may not seem to particularly suit my designs, but I'm hopefully teaming up with a few people with this name, so it would represent a few creative people not just me.

At the moment this is just a rough idea too, I normally post on DF for critique or whatever, so that I can realise my flaws, before I chuck it all in.

Comments, slag-offs, whatever, all appreciated.

P.S : I know I'm 16, not 20+ or whatever, but I'd rather be teamed up on projects than be a lonesome freelancer who seems to be taken advantage of or pushed over.


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Out of those, Technicolour Creatives sounds the best to me, although you raise a good point about google searching which is something to consider.

cBox doesnt do it for me, sounds like an app rather than a design agency.

I don't think you NEED to team up in design, it will obviously make things more complicated, but also has advantages, such as different angles and people to bounce ideas off of. It can often be easier going alone as you don't have to check up on the others (personal experience) but as I say, there's upsides and downsides to both.

I'm surprised you're 16, wouldn't have guessed it, your homepage is very nice to be fair, really well designed.


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Well the great thing about teaming up is that I'm gonna do it with one seriously talented graphic designer, and one great developer. Great idea I believe, and we all share power, and take the job on much easier. I imagine that clients I've had to turn down will be able to come back when I team up, as before I just didn't have the time, or the PHP shkills, but now it's just there.

And thanks for the comment about my website, but I'm not gonna mention it as it'll look much more casual, like it happens very often for me. lol :)

And I really like Technicolor, but I'm not sure whether we'd get anywhere unless we screamed technicolor creatives, as otherwise we'd just be result 14,000,000
Autobots is a great name. Seriously.

I can't stand company/studio/collective names which have words like creative and designs as part of them. You're supposed to be a creative, think of an interesting name.

Also, you're not rebranding – a name or a logo does not a brand make.


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Sounds good to me Tim! If you've got top lads to work with then that's quality.
Who said anything about lads? :p

@Matt: I like Autobots and Decepticons, but it sounds too robotic. lol - And by rebranding, i meant splitting off from my freelancing stuff and creating a group of young designers.


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tim-ater said:
Who said anything about lads? :p

And I like Autobots and Decepticons, but it sounds too robotic. lol

And by rebranding, i meant splitting off from my freelancing stuff and creating a group of young designers.
Haha, a 'lad' in the business calls everyone lads, whether it's just you he's talking to, a group of guys or a group of girls.

He's of the confusing type :p


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I thnik Autobots would be more suited to say a 3D company? I like Technicolour... why not drop the design/creatives and call it "TechniColour" or smething that isnt the same as Technicolor for copyright purposes.
The name will become meaningless after time and you'll be known for the quality of your work (good or bad) anyway.

I think Wyld Stallyons is a great name for a studio, I'm sure they have some clever reason for choosing that name, but it's totally irrelevant. No one cares and it probably has nothing to do with horses. It's their showreel that's important. I'm not saying it's a great name, but my old studio used to be called Type2error. We had nothing to do with statistical mathematics, we just like the word shape, and the fact that a google search threw up pages of mathematics and programming research. It's like a band name, sometimes they're cool, sometimes they're not, mostly the band could reel off some pretentious meaning for them, but you never judge them by their name, it's the music you either like or don't.

Technicolor ain't bad either (Autobots is better though), but as Blueocto says, spell it differently – Teqnicolour or something. But seeing as you're in England make sure you use the English spelling.


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Yep you can check UK company records with Companies House Web Check
Remember that if you do come up with a name your set on, and haven't yet registered the domain name, don't post it on public forums, unfortunately chances are someone will register it and try and sell it back to you, or even worse just park it and leave it!!


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Brilliant guys, thanks for the link ups. Am very interested in that first link Berry, and am pretty happy with a similarity to Tecnicolour as the name. Here are my ideas:

- Teknicolr
- Teckniqolr
- Teqnicolr
- Teknikolr

Any hates? Any likes? Thanks :)

Did post this yesterday but obviously it epic failed!


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All too contrived for me. Also always use the lowest common denominator in things = think of most people as' stupid'. Can anyone remember who to search for your web name, it's too confusing and contrived. Great brands name work phoentically and that is how they will search for you. You've just put a brick wall infront of you.

Remember BB Book of Life: Never put Design in front of Communication.

You're young and fresh and you may think it's cool, but your clients may be old farts. I think I did this topic with someone else recently about brand names etc. A brand isn't a name, it's what you represent. Don't be clever or contrived with the name, keep it as Janet and John as possible. The time to be clever is in your work.

Look at all the trixy hairdressers who try to be creative - Cute & Curly, A snip above, Fringe Benefits. Don't you just cringe?


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dont use anything ending in "lr" such as "flickr"... its a trend and a naff one at that :lol: makes me thing of poor spelling or a mistype on the keyboard.

think of it more like "technique" or "technical" and "colour"


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Thanks guys, I didn't think of it as being too contrived Berry, thanks for the tip :) and blueocto, i totally agree with the spelling thing! lol

Back to the brainstorm shed in me garden!

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Technicolor is a major company, I definitely think you should avoid that! You see their logo every time you go to the theatre. Not to mention Technicolor has a hand in most major films in some way... so you see it in the credits as well. Keep it creative, and personal to you, avoid mimicking something that is already so well established.