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Rebrand: A New Look for the New Year


We published this article on our blog today and tried to stay generally objective, we would however love your opinions on the following rebrands.
Many people try to reinvent themselves in the New Year seeing it as the perfect opportunity for a ‘personal rebrand’. And it would seem that many large brands also see the changing of the year as good time to make some identity tweaks. Unlike the majority of the sudden influx of lycra clad joggers around your local park, these companies are looking for a permanent step forward into 2014 with a relevant image and personality for their brand.
Some companies have jumped into 2014 by rebranding elements of their products for the lycra clad crusaders with Tesco rolling out a new look for their Healthy Living range and Gym chain, Fitness First taking on a bright red look with their new logo.
During the first few months of the year people seem to be more open to change which lends itself to targeting a rebrand for this period, here are a few examples of companies taking the initiative in 2014:
Coke ZeroThe soft drink giant has already rolled out their new image for Coke Zero with a concentration on the ‘0’ in their visual branding, packaging and advertising. The overhaul was completed by Bulletproof who say they were tasked with adapting the Australian identity for a UK and European market. The rebrand is accompanied by a marketing campaign including branded hashtag #justaddzero. The idea behind the message is explained by Bríd Drohan-Stewart: ‘For some people zero means nothing, but the Just Add Zero campaign shows that things get bigger, better, faster and greater when you add zero.’ This slightly confusing statement makes a little more sense when you actually watch the advert.

Black + DeckerThe power tool brand have replaced the ‘&’ with a ‘+’ in their brand logo and dropped the hexagon completely leaving it a little bare in my opinion. The rebrand offers ‘less decoration’ than before and ‘focuses on the substance of the actual products’ with a modernised identity and sleeker packaging. More modernised design and marketing for the brand is set to follow throughout 2014.

Virgin MediaVirgin Media’s ‘sideways eight’ logo has been redesigned by creative agency Wolff Olins as part of a wider rebrand expected to roll out in the next few days. The logo actually hasn’t seen much change with the design becoming much simpler but the design agency insist that the rest of the roll out with not be done in a ‘standard way’. Whatever that means. The media company have also been recruiting athletes ahead of the Glasgow Commonwealth games with Christina Ohuruogu, Mo Farah and Usian Bolt all being named as ambassadors for the games later this year.

Land RoverAs well as working on the branding for Land Rover focusing on their growth into the international market, Brand Union and Digit will be putting some brand guidelines together for parent company Jaguar Land Rover, which is hoped to bring further clarity to both brands. Land Rover has a really strong image which was boosted by the clever Print campaign created by Young and Rubicon displaying the legendary strength and durability of the Defender. Jaguar is in the middle of its first Super Bowl campaign and is also looking to make an impact on the international stage in 2014.



Staff member
to be fair the land rover branding is reminiscent of the badges they used... I suppose you could say it's based on skeuomorphism

Sean Lee-Amies

Got a few years you mean..! The Black and Decker one is pretty nice and the coke 0 works, but I'm not keen on the others.