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really cool cancer research company ads


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League Against Cancer: Vaccine Against Cancer | Ads of the World

the company who produced this ad basically got given a brief to bring fundraising up to a peak.

they made a little bottle with a note inside (nice presented) showing how to stop cancer, before you get it.

there were online ad campaigns on social network sites, tv ads, radio ads, huge job but great result.

the fundraising shot up with production of the bottles and the support behind it, and it raised awareness pretty nicely too.

epic winstopher.

(can you tell im trying to calm people down from the sustainability thread? :p)


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It's really weird, they present cancer as if it was a disease that you can catch like a flu, especially the tv ad.

And... you have to buy the note (in the bottle) ?

This reminds me all tv ads that we could see during the flu campaign. When I saw these ads, I had the impression that the government considered people like fool persons who don't know anything. These ads said : "wash your hands", "throw your used handkerchief out", "when you cought, put your arm in front of your mouth"

Well, I don't know how people can react with ads like these ones.


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the bottles were $1.60, so probably £1.

in that bottle were ways to prematurely beat cancer, by stopping stupid things like going out in the sun with no sun screen, or whatever the other ones were.

they're saying that you're not a lost cause with cancer, and that it's not going to be the end of world.

by looking out for it, they're saying it can be over as quick as a cold/acne.

when do you ever hear good news from a cancer research establishment!? never! they just want to guilt trip you out of your money!

end of the day, it's raising awareness and raising money to help the research without making people think cancer is the end of everything, and also raising awareness of cures. :)


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Indeed, it's original. The message is different from the usual "give for cancer research", it is "don't worry, you can help yourself, and also give for cancer research". Why not.
The solution to don't "catch" cancer looks so easy that anybody can want to buy a bottle, just to know what the note looks like.