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Real name Vs Company name

Since I started graphic design (for about 3 years now) I have called myself 'Gilmore Visuals', however, I am now only using 'Alex Gilmore'.

The reason for this is because I have been thinking ahead to how I want to move forwards in my career as a graphic designer, that is, to work for a design company full time whilst having occasional freelance work. In the two interviews I had to get my apprenticeship there seemed to be a small concern (understandably) for me creating competition through my own freelance whilst working with them.
My conclusion is that branding myself as Alex Gilmore could be seen just as a showcase of my work rather than freelance competitor, if that makes any logical sense at all.
So in this context, am I better off going for my name rather than creating a 'company' name?

Edit: All of this is to plan how and when to rebrand myself, when I do eventually (could be years from now) try and find a large/respected design company.


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I always feel like using your name makes you more approachable in the industry. People are more willing to freelance a single person rather than something that sounds like a small firm.
I use my name with a short description of what I do.
"Shauna Lynn - Hand lettering & Illustration"
Agreed. A full, proper name seems much more grown up and professional to me.
Ultimately a client is employing you — your talents and knowledge, so why not just use your name.