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Re-design critique of travel magazine please

Hey guys,

I've been working on a redesign of an existing site. I've done the design and coded up the home page (minus the ie and print style sheet).

I would just like to ask for another set of eyes to take a look. If you think it works or needs some more work or if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear.

Feel free to critique the code as well as the design. Thanks everyone.


p.s. If you see missing elements on the site that you see on the old one ie the competitions, it's because this is starting just as the magazine without the extras (for now).


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The changes are small but very nicely executed. But I do think that you need to add a background behind your content (just white is fine), and perhaps get some fine texture on your grey background (by adding noise for example).
@Onartis Thanks bud, I decided to realign rather than redesign, I'll try your suggestions and see how it looks. Super quick reply btw :)


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Oh and when you hover over the articles/categories/subjects there is a white background that shows up. Very nice, but it lines up directly with your text. Add some padding there :)


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Hi Andy,

I think the header area needs a white/lighter background just to define it a bit more and is there any specific reason to why the logo above Hemispheres has been changed from black to white text? Also looking at the image for the logo it looks like the grey is every so slightly darker than the background grey. I like the overall changes you've made, it has more of an inviting magazine feel to it with the different images picked out for the departments. Nice work :)


EDIT- Also looking again if you did add a lighter background to the header area the bar at the very top might look good if it was flipped so the curved corners are at the top, like you have the header bars to the various content areas, just to keep them all consistent. Just a thought :)
@Onartis Cheers, the reason it's not padded is i wanted it to line up with the image.

@greg I though there was too much black in the header area with the logo all black, the color shift I guess I down to this, I'll fix it. I'll see if the other shouts improve the design, thanks Greg.


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andyshaw said:
I decided to realign rather than redesign,
It's a termonolgy that I use a lot, relignment than redesignement, evolution not revolution.

Spanking good job there. My instant reactions was you've taken it up a communication notch. Didn't have to read it, or study the code ( not that I could!!!!) but in terms of communication value - well developed and extended. I don't give praise out too much...so crack a beer and smile:D Well done.
@berry Thanks a bunch mate really appreciate it, even better it's from a geordie. I'm from the North East (Darlington) before I moved up to London.


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andyshaw said:
@berry Thanks a bunch mate really appreciate it, even better it's from a geordie. I'm from the North East (Darlington) before I moved up to London.
Swopping Smog for Smoke? ( or is that Middlesbro?)

Anyway...it's MOVING DOWN to London, not up!!;)
Yeah that's more boro. Crap I always mix them up. I fancy moving to Newcastle at some point, but like it DOWN here for now, plus I worked in NYC for a week last month so can't be all bad :)
Hey Andy, site looks good, I like it a lot. Only thing I would change is the italic links...i'm not very fond of em but that is mainly a personal preference...what does everyone else think?

I'd much rather see them as simply bolded links or just straight up regular. with the underline you chose.


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Brilliant job mate :) Just one thing to note, and this might just be personal preference, but the little titles that say "updates" "global gourmet" etc, aren't centered vertically. There seems to be more spacing above and to me doesn't look quite right.
@sim Cheers mate, this may be a browser bug any chance you could let me know which one your viewing on or better still upload a screenshot. Is anyone else having this problem?
Definitely an improvement from the old design.But I agree with Onartis, it needs a background of some sort. I think white would be nice as well, or reverse it maybe, so the background keeps the grey and the site itself is on white?

I'd also align the logo to the left and remove the light grey square around it, and maybe make the menu slightly more prominent? Great job though! Looks a lot more like a travel magazine now.


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Great news Andy, nice work... and yes I can imagine that being quite a high :D
(that last bit wasn't intended as any type of flying joke btw!)