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Re-De-Sign, when the crowd say ...

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by psynai, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. psynai

    psynai Junior Member

    ... horizontal scrolling layout with some jQuery and CSS3.
    Not as catchy as the original tune is it? lol

    So, I just released Psynai 3.0, my new portfolio.

    I've really got a fondness for horizontal layouts (they seem to really work for portfolio sites and little else). The overall look I wanted had to be elegant, simple and reflective of the style of my art, but not too distracting. The layout was to be minimal, grid based and the nav system easy to use.

    I'm happy with the overall look, but there is one thing that's bugging me, and that is the thumbs, they don't seem to sit right with the background, I just cant seem to think of a way to make them 'fit', and I'm sure its one of those solutions that's staring me in the face, but I just cant see it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Another issue I have ... well other people seem to have, is that the scrolling animation can be jerky on some browsers and setups. It works fine on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and even bloody IE on my laptop and PC and they're both a good 4-5 years old now. What's the scroll rate like for you?

    Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated

    Psynai Design / Portfolio of Imran Ashraf / Web Design & Development / Branding / Digital Abstract Art / Bradford, UK

  2. Renniks

    Renniks Senior Member

    I like it on first glance, and can't find many issues with it.

    I think it could really work well with people. No idea how it'd render on smaller resolutions, but I'm not on a smaller resolution, so I'm not going to be "that guy" and find out.

    I'm not a fan of the title length, but I don't know how effective filling it like that is.

    Not sure on the legalities of using Rockwell light, I'd hope it's all above board. Too many good fonts and methods of getting paid for fonts for people to start jeopardising it by using fonts incorrectly.

    I think the images sit rather well, but dislike the lack of information.
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    Oh yeah totally digging this. Epic. Epic. Epic.

    But, like Renniks suspected, it doesn't work in a smaller window. There is no scrollbar in case the window is too narrow. And if it's too high, the background doesn't match up, as you can see here.
  4. Renniks

    Renniks Senior Member

    I think this could be solved by checking width of window and producing different pages as such, I think harry's been doing alot of this lately. If that was implemented it'd be better still
  5. Xenonsoft

    Xenonsoft Active Member

    Really like it Imran. Some of your work is spot on, the artwork is great and something I wouldn't mind on a canvas in a future house. The house of Khanum branding and the Simply Arranged branding are really nice.

    Speaking personally, I'm not a fan of the copy of the site. To me it speaks of arrogance. I'm not saying you're an arrogant person, but to me on the site you come across as such. Things such as 'Enough about you, more about me: From this point on I’ll refer to myself in the third-person, all the trendy creative people are doing it.' Wouldn't endear myself to you if I was looking to hire someone. Also 'Art: It's just an idea mate' doesn't promote a professional look.

    Just my two cents, not sure if they're shared with others but looking at it from a potential clients point of view the copy doesn't endear me to you and probably gives a wrong viewpoint of your character. Although I did laugh at the 'become a stalker' part in the contact section :D

    Like the website though, nice touch with the hover on the nav bar.
  6. Anagoge

    Anagoge Senior Member

    Love it. I especially love the 21,500px long background image. That in itself is a fantastic piece of artwork. Any links/tips on how you made the effect?
  7. psynai

    psynai Junior Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys,

    Renniks and Onartis -
    I've fixed the page height thing, as for the width, according to w3schools, only 1% of screens are running on 800x600, and the site looks fine at 1024 upwards, having said that I think I'm going to disable noscroll for screens using 1024 and under.

    Fred -
    I'm glad you like the design and my work, I do offer my artwork as prints if you're interested. Ater some thought, I think you're right, it wasn't my intention to sound arrogant, its just my tongue in cheek humour, and I guess its not really appopriate for someone trying to sell themselves so I've changed the headings.

    Anagoge -
    I'm glad ya dig it, the image was done in Photoshop with a lots of smoke and mirrors lol, I use alot of layer styles, masks and vector shapes for my work. I used vector shapes for the main wave, rasterized the shape and applied a massive blur to it for the glow. The 1px stroked lines were all penned in individually as were the dots that look like their leaving trails behind them.
  8. Xenonsoft

    Xenonsoft Active Member

    That's cool Psynai, trust me if I was looking for a canvas to hang somewhere I'd certainly consider it, but no need at the moment and expenditure is being kept to an absolute minimum! Glad you changed the text around.
  9. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hi Imran,

    Bit late with my reply to this, bit hopefully still relevant/useful..

    How about a 1px border that's coloured to match the background section? So for the branding section something like this...


    With a lighter/brighter tone for the rollover state?

    Other than that suggestion, love the layout and grid, also really like the flow artwork you've done, would be good to see that full-size :)

    Hope that helps in some way,

    EDIT: Looking at that image again, maybe a slightly darker tone would work better, border stands out a little too much in hindsight I think.
  10. Xenonsoft

    Xenonsoft Active Member

    Yeah that's a good shout from Greg, looks nice to me.
  11. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

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