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Re-branded your business?

A couple of months ago I was posting regularly here. The reason why I haven't as of late is because we have been working relentlessly on re-branding our company!

We are almost there with it and we are very excited to launch in the not too distant future.

My question/s are...

...What have you done to help pull in more work to your business through these tough times.
Have you had to change strategy, become entrepreneurial with a tight budget or are you still struggling and need advise as to why?

It will be interesting to find out what people have done to help push their businesses forward as well as offering help and advice to struggling businesses.


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Something weve done to help bring in more revenue is to actively seek web design work. Until recently web wasn't something we were interested in and we just passed it on to a local firm but as so many people have asked about it, it seemed silly not to take a slice of the action.

Assuming that the businesses we're talking to go ahead with their web plans, we've developed alomst £3000 worth of potential business we would otherwise not have had. Before anyone says it, I'm under no illusion that just because we're talking to these companies that the money is in the bank as it's obviously not (Not until that dotted line has been signed and the deposit paid anyway).


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For our part we have been networking harder than ever (and have met some great people along the way). Looked for work in places where we wouldn't necessarily have looked before. We've worked hard on SEO/SEM as well.

Also, for our IT Company, we have totally split the domestic and business service brands. We were tearing our hair out trying to develop a brand and site that appealed to domestic and business users. Kept swinging one way and then the other. They both need some more work but getting there.

We also have a friend of mine who is a tele-sales genius making some calls for us. That is helping a lot in setting up appointments to get in front of DMs.
We've taken an exciting approach which we will be pushing forward as soon as our new website and brochure are ready for launch.

The world of print is very inconsistent and cut throat. People have no loyalties anymore. Taking this on board we have developed a strategy to try and gain a little more control towards the kinds of work that we get. We are largely focusing on clients businesses as a whole (rather than creating a 1one off business card design for existing branding that has been created elsewhere) and offering them sound marketing and business advice, asking them specific questions and most importantly being up-front and honest.

We want to take these business on a journey from the very start. Designing their branding and corporate identity), through to print, online presence, marketing the make a respectable R.O.A.S. and then going through the cycle again and again so that we maintain a great trusting relationship with our client.

I think that we are heading into a very exciting time with new businesses emerging every day, so why not offer a complete service/tool that enables these business to be successful.


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Sounds like a great plan and something I'd love to be doing. The reality of my business at the present time is work on bits here and there in the hope that some of it sticks and I land a few long term clients.
Inconsistent - yes. Cut throat & no loyalties - absolutely not in our experience. I would question the premise.
I hear what you're saying but from my experience as a teeny, weeny freelancer it is very cut throat. I don't put huge mark-up on print at all but I can almost guarantee that 9/10 jobs I quote and follow up are greeted with "we've found a cheaper printer" and I've seen their quotations, it's not just a line they are spinning for more money off.