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Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by glenwheeler, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. glenwheeler

    glenwheeler Senior Member

    Hi Guys,

    Just wondered what you thought of this, i stumbled across it a while back I think its really really good. What are your thoughts?
  2. Its a nice site Glen :) I may think the guys a tool but the site is top notch :D
  3. TomStutt

    TomStutt Senior Member

    i think his a tool too chris. sites nice though
  4. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

  5. Oi Geoff where's your Muppet Avatar :p :lol:
  6. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

    lol! that is my avatar! :)
  7. LOL @ Geoff :p
  8. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    Looks good apart from some small details. The separators on the nav are really hard, the nav bar doesn't fade away very nicely and his picture is kinda low quality.

    Oh and it's flash, but it looks good :p

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