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Random Photoshop Question


Junior Member

Does anyone know how to edit a few layers by changing just one? E.G

I have 5 buttons, that will all look identical, but instead of editing one at a time, I edit one and they all change.

I remember doing it before but can't remember how!?



The easiest way of doing this without faffing around with creating smart objects and specialised layers is to simply apply the desired changes to one layer, right click the layer in the layers list and click Copy Layer Style. Now just select the layers you want to look identical, right click and choose Paste Layer Style.



Junior Member
That's what I do at the moment, but takes way too long...

I remember in uni there was a way to do it, but I have completely forgot. Might even have been to open it in Bridge and do something.


Junior Member
The buttons were an example. I know I can select multiple layers and paste layer style.

Just wanted to know if anyone knew that other technique.

Thanks anyways