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Quotes on Html/CSS coding

Hi everyone,

I have been in business a few months now in the UK and have registered a domain name but still have no website...I just don't have the time to get one going myself at the moment so I am looking for someone to take my photoshop mock-ups and do the coding using those!

My site will be very simple and consist of:

- Landing page (with details about me).
- Portfolio page (with several categories and a nifty way to display my work eg: lightbox or something, also a client list etc).
- Contact me page (also includes terms and conditions, "how I like to work" documents etc).

So pretty standard Html/CSS stuff which is optimized for all browsers, works well etc.

Also looking to get some on-going support ie: help getting the site live and maintaining it!

I haven't finalised the layouts yet but looking to get this done in the next week and then the project to start towards the end of this month (when cash frees up for me so I can actually pay you!).

Feel free to post here or PM me!

Looking forward to getting your bids! :cool:

PS: I am keen to start outsourcing web work a lot more as I want to offer that to my clients as well so may be posting a few more jobs up here in the future.


Hi Peter. If its ok with you, I will pass your details on to a mate of mine who does a great job on the coding stuff :)


Active Member
Hello Peter,

Id be interested in quoting for your work, can you send me some screen-shots of your designs so i can gauge more accurately costs involved.

You can check my portfolio out in my sig, I have also worked for other members on this forum before, should experience count for anything :).